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call-me-through-the-ouiajboard: How do you get your hair pastely colors? What do you use on your hair? How does it not fade fast?

I use different brands depending on the color and how long I want it in , for the mint I dilute manic panic turquoise with silicone free hair conditioner , your hair gots to be a pale blonde to work, I wash my hair in cold water to keep the color from fading .

thin-thighs--french-fries: I dyed my hair black. How do I remove the black without killing my hair?

If you have black dye in your hair you got to wait till it fades hot water using head and shoulders shampoo can help it fade faster .

sailor--gloom: hi you're very beautiful and your fashion style is so great ohmygosh
Thank you beautiful ^.^ you made my day sweeter
thesimplecity: You're so adorable >3<

thank you darling ^.^ means alot <x3 have a wonderful day ^.^ 

pastypixels: Your so adorable, I want to squish your cheeks together. Lmao. Seriously love the outfits you work together, keep it up. :)

thank you gorgeous ( ^ w ^ ) 

love fashion so its so much fun taking photos sharing my outfits <x3 I’m happy you like them :D

^ w ^
dyed my hair mint and re-cut my hair into a better hair style which I’m loving ^.^
kawaii lavender/lilac demon full outfit
clip-in horns:nerdylittlesecrets
circle lenses violet dolly eyes: pinky paradise
kawaii pastel drippy eyeball necklace: clotique
pastel ribcage shirt: kawaiigoods
lavender skull ring: Deer Heart
black rose bracelet: sweet poison cupcakes
lavender skinny jeans: ebay
creepers :dollskill
Anonymous: Omg you're so cute whoa- love your blog! ✯
Thank you so much darling
prickly-cactus: Hey there, Love! I really want to dye my hair an unnatural color, but I'm not sure what would look good on me and what wouldn't, my hair is a relatively dark brown and I know I have to bleach the hell out of it, my hair is easily damaged and I'm not sure what kind of bleach and dye I should use, it would be a great help of you could help me choose a color that would look good. Thanks, and have a great day/evening/night! 😊

If you have a dark brown naturally I would suggest using quick blue bleach with a developer of 30 volume or manic panic flash lighting 30. Take a small piece of your hair and test how long it takes to lift ,35 or 40mins should work ,then apply it all around your head with a dye brush, You most likely will have to do it twice to get it light enough to dye it, make sure the bleach is washed all out after you bleach it then use Aussies 3min miracle conditioner , you can get it at walmart wait until 2days to dye your hair,yea your skin tone kind can tell you what color looks good but to me you never know what color will look good on you until you try, your skin tone looks like it will do great with bright colors or pastel. I think a blue or turquoise would look amazing on you ^ . ^ Try looking at pictures or do your favorite color, brands depend on what color and how long you want it to stay in, manic panic,pravana and special effects are wonderful brands. If your not 100% sure how to bleach your hair please do get help from a pro or someone who knows how to, or watch videos on how to bleach your hair. The color dye manic panic and both bleaches can be found on eBay,amazon or at your local Sally’s beauty supplies but pravana and special effects can be found on eBay, I hope this helps and please becareful, feel free to message me if you have anymore questions about it ^.^ take care and best of luck 💜💜💜💜

Anonymous: Hello! c: I was wondering if you could help me with my hair because you always look cute and seem the expert x) But I'm naturally quite ginger and I want to dye my hair platinum blonde/white however I'm afraid to use bleach because when my cousin did she ruined her hair, which is very similar to mine:/ and I'm not sure what to do? Are there any alternatives or anything at all?:o and if not then what tips would you suggest with bleaching?:o (I also hope you have a beautiful day lovely!)x3<3

All of our hair is different, so it reacts differently sometimes then others would, with red/orange (ginger) hair, I suggest is use l’oreal quick blue bleach at a volume 20 or 30, you can get it at sallys, also purchase  Aussie 3 minute miracle (at walmart its the brand with the purple kangaroo) conditioner, that stuff is AMAZING, but any way If your doing this by yourself ,test a piece of your hair with a little of the bleach to see how your hair reacts leave it on for like 5-10 Mins, if it lifts then you know it will work, then apply it as quickly as possible all over your head by sections of your hair,by using the tail of a dye brush or a rat tail comb, you might have to do two bleaching processes to get to pale blonde, also watch youtube videos on how to bleach your hair if you need to see others on how they do it, but if your not 100% sure you know how to use bleach please get help from someone who knows how to. bleach is very dangerous and only be used by those who know what they are doing. bleaching is the only way to get blonde hair I’m afraid but once you get it all you gotta do is worry about the roots and using a deep conditioner like the one I suggested.

I really hope this helps , and please be careful if you need anymore help feel free to ask me ^ . ^  <x3 xoxox