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Fashion Whore

Living the Sinful Lyfe

addicted to Glamour colorful,dark/gothic,retro or modern

.@VAYNEXHEART instagram

team Chanel outfit
(got my hair sliver :P)
Chanel team N.5 jersey
"Cross My Heart,Hope To Die Stick A Needle In My Eye" sunglasses
melting $$$ leggings
YRU platform sneakers  qozmo
walk a mile in these YRU’s
blogdreamsonwheels: You're the prettiest little thing in this world, I love your tumblr, it's my favorite, greetings from chile and forgive my English is very bad since I speak Spanish♡♡

Your so sweet thank you :D
I’m happy you like my Blog thank you for the greetings hope have a wonderful day beautiful

Anonymous: When will you post more videos on youtube I miss your videos?
Thank you so much it really means a lot you like my videos I just dyed my hair hair sliver so I’ll be doing a video on that with more to come , I was going to do it alit early but I came down with a fever and being busy , I love making youtube videos so as soon as I feel better ill make them and post them on here when they are up ^.^
corrupt-rose-19: Awesome will it also include how you style it?

Not in this one . It’s weird cause people have asked me on how I style my hair lol I think it’s very simple . so I might have to do a style hair video sometime :P

pseudo-saint-boy: WoW I'm in love with your style, you're really FAB ♡.Would I like to know how to care for your hair do? I wish you a nice day (/ ✪ ▽ ✪) /
That is super sweet of you to say Thank you so much
gra-ves: your blog is the best thing ever omg. ♡ (^w^)
^ . ^ Awww thank you so much! I’m glad you like my blog darling