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Fashion Whore

Living the Sinful Lyfe

addicted to Glamour colorful,dark/gothic,retro or modern

.@VAYNEXHEART instagram


dont even know what ur good for

Mimickin’ me’s a fuckin’ boreTo me, but babe.
lobosdelosmuertos: Yo where you get the pastel jeans
eBay or window shopping at the mall
Anonymous: Why are you so awesome?

Why are you so amazing ?

Anonymous: aaaa yr super cute and i want u to kno that u have helped me embrace my femme side.
Awww thank you so much darling ^.^
I don’t really label myself “femme” , I’m just a guy thats addict to glamour :P but I’m grateful I help you embrace your femme side! Thank you for letting me know now, Work it gorgeous