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Living the Sinful Lyfe

addicted to Glamour colorful,dark/gothic,retro or modern

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Anonymous: Hey, I haven't been on your account in a while, and j regret every second I wasn't here:3 hope you post more pics if yourself soon:$

thank you gorgeous ^.^ Im glad you enjoy following me.
Yes in November I’ll be posting more pics of me along with other things I wanna share!
I’ve been letting my hair grow and going to be dying it new colors :3

space-kiid: Oh my god You're amazing and so is your blog Stay cute ♡♡
Thank you sooooo very much ^.^
Your so sweet!
Anonymous: what's your sexuality? btw i love you and your blog xx

My sexuality I feel isn’t imported :p
Thank you so much darling ! ^.^

bloody-pixels: Hi I'm lim c: I saw your video about bullying. My mom ignores me a lot, my brother says a lot of hurtful things to me like calling me "herpe face" since I suffer with acne and it hurts a lot. I developed anger issues because of them and yes, suicidal thoughts have rolled across my mind lots of times. Can you help? It'd mean a lot that you responded and gave me advice Vayne, It really would :) <3

Hey doll ,
I’m deeply sorry to hear such awful things are happening to you .
I didn’t have the best of a family life growing up , as I grew I learn that blood makes your related ,LOVE makes you family,I also went through bullying and have negativity thrown at me , I still do this day get it , before it use to destroy me and completely make me hate my life but now I doesn’t effect me at all hell most of the time I’m just like “oh neat” cause it’s so overrated ,what help me when I was younger I looked up to my idols and said if they can get through the negative BS so can I , as I grew and went though the negativity I would focus on the positive and learn to only care about what makes ME happy,what makes ME feel beautiful , cause that’s all that matters is what you think of yourself!
Focus on making your life better and love yourself , people are always gonna say some dumb shit cause mostly they are to consume by their own insecurities that they need to try to make someone else feel bad cause they feel like shit .
Once your old enough you don’t ever have to talk to your brother or mother again if you wish to ,
Ache will fade as you grow up and their are medicines to help it fast and make up for you to have fun with ^.^
Please don’t ever take your life , please don’t ever go , I now know you exist and know what your going through , so that means I care and what you to grow and be happy , so please don’t give up on me and mostly yourself !
I really hope this helps doll please stay strong and beautiful!





love my new hair colors and hair style &lt;x3 and my new sweater!!!! :D

Can you get any cuter?

Awww thank you ^.^ your to sweet &lt;X3

Im so glad u exist your beautiful and dont let others say different &lt;3 ^__^

Awww thank you so much doll , I appreciate it a lot &lt;x3&#160;^.^ stay beautiful and amazing ✖️💜✖️💜
screampleasure: cool blog !

thank you doll <x3 ^.^

to glam too give a damn