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addicted to Glamour colorful,dark/gothic,retro or modern

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xmryskxy: Do you live in the uk?

No I live in the USA

Anonymous: What online shops do you shop at luv?

i shop at so many darling. i just depends on what it is i’m looking for i just browse and find

dolls kill

kill star



etsy or sometimes

i browse storenvy for random things

i also wear some of my own designs from my clothing line Haus Of Vayne

plus many more random sites

hope this helps =] if theres something you like that you seen me wear feel free to ask :P

mentallyhardcore: Hiii! Omg you're so adorable I love love loveee your blog ! Okay so I really wanna change up my style and I've taken interest in the Pastel Goth style. I wanna dye my hair but my Nan doesn't want me to mess up my hair. Any ideas of safe dyes? Thanks!

thank you so much beautiful!!! <X3

all dyes are completely safe there is no such thing as a dye that will make your hair fall out, thats a myth parents made up to keep their kids to not want to dye their hair like the whole “don’t touch a bird egg/baby or the mother won’t take it back” thing.

its the hair bleach that can damage and make your hair brittle.

its something that should never be used unless you know 100% sure what you are doing or get a pro to help you.

lifting your hair  to blonde can be very difficult and dangerous for your hair

since you need to have pale blond hair for pastel shades

the dyes i recommend for beginners is MANIC PANIC

use conditioner to dilute the dye to a pastel shade

example purple hair dye plus conditioner will turn it to lavender

also the conditioner helps your hair so while your dying it pastel it helps your hair.

i suggest getting a pastel wig to start with so you get a idea what want heres are some lovely wigs

i really hope this helps and i hope the best that you get what you are looking for ^.^

doe---eyes: You're so adorable!

so are you darling <X3

thank you so much :D

Anonymous: no question just wanted to say you're the cutest pastel boy i've seen congrats on that

aww thank you so much ^.^ your to sweet <x3

how I got my hair using Pravana’s Sliver hair dye! of your looking for a sliver dye i recommend checking this dye out its pretty great  (SO SORRY EVERYONE HAD TO RE UPLOAD THIS VIDEO THERE WAS MISSING AUDIO)

Anonymous: You are so adorable you make me really happy when I'm sad

thank you so much! it means so much to me that I help you ^.^ stay amazing please!!!



dont even know what ur good for

Mimickin&#8217; me&#8217;s a fuckin&#8217; boreTo me, but babe.